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Best Free Hosting for WordPress with cPanel 2023

This is an article about the best free hosting for WordPress. We bring you lifetime-free WordPress hosting that you will enjoy in your blogging career.

There are many web hosting companies that offer free WordPress hosting, but with limitations that are a nuisance to the user. With this free WordPress hosting with CPanel, you won't have the hassles of being a free user to make a WordPress website for free.

Best Free Hosting For WordPress

In this article, we will describe only one WordPress hosting company that is currently doing well, according to our research. But since the research continues, in the future we will add other web hosting companies that offer good services for free.

Carefully, we will focus on discussing this web hosting that offers free WordPress hosting with CPanel, free WordPress hosting for students, and lifetime free WordPress hosting, which makes it the best free WordPress hosting for beginners.

Best free hosting for wordpress for beginners

If you are a beginner and want to start working on a website with little or no cost, this article is very suitable for you.

To create a WordPress website you need to have two main things which are domain name and hosting service.

A domain name is purchased from various domain name sellers, where its costs start at 10 dollars and more. But you can get a free domain name if you buy a hosting package.

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Apart from the top-level domain, you can start the website using a subdomain that you get for free from the hosting provider.

A free domain name is not good if you have long-term goals to work on the website because it will waste a lot of your time building a network that you will later regret for wasting a large percentage of your energy and efforts.

It is recommended to buy a domain name so that you can work seriously and build authority over your website.

This is because in order to be able to use this best free hosting for WordPress, you must have a top-level domain name. They are not accepting free domains or subdomains in this lifetime free WordPress hosting.

Free WordPress hosting with cPanel

The best thing about this free hosting for WordPress is that it offers free WordPress hosting with cPanel. It is common that free hosting for WordPress is offered to students, but this is also offered to non-students.

GoogieHost: Best free hosting for WordPress.

GoogieHost provides free hosting for WordPress. It offers free WordPress hosting with cpanel, quick WordPress installation, automatic updates, and backups.

In terms of bandwidth, it is unlimited, free email addresses are included, and MySQL databases are also included. The good news is a 99.9% uptime guarantee. GoogieHost also provides 24/7 customer assistance.

Best Free Hosting for WordPress

Best Free Hosting for WordPress

Free WordPress hosting for students.

Students seeking free WordPress hosting have a few choices to choose from.

1. 000webhost: This free WordPress hosting service also includes a built-in website builder and a free domain name.

2. WPNode: WPNode is an additional free WordPress host that provides hosting for students. Along with access to thousands of themes and plugins, it features a drag-and-drop website builder.

3. InfinityFree: InfinityFree targets commercial websites, although it also provides free hosting with WordPress. There is no access to themes or plugins, but there is limitless storage space and bandwidth.

4. Free Hosting No Ads: Free Hosting No Ads provides access to themes and plugins along with free WordPress hosting. But its dependability is lower.


It is clear that you are interested in this article about the best hosting for WordPress. If you have a question or comment about free WordPress hosting with cPanel, please leave your comment below.

And if you have something to add or criticize, you can also write to us in the comments or contact us directly.


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