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Geography Past Papers Download Pdf For Free 2023 (F 1-4)

Geography Past Papers Pdf Download, Hello teacher, student, parent or education stakeholder in Tanzania.

Welcome to this geography past Papers Pdf page which is specialized for downloading past Papers of NECTA, Mock, Mid Terms, pre NECTA and other exams.

We have a strong goal to bring you quality Past Papers that you can use to prepare a student or prepare yourself for various exams at the secondary level.

Geography Past Papers Pdf Download

On this page we have prepared a list of secondary exams from form one to form six for the exams from the weekly tests level to the national level that is NECTA.

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So on this page, you can expect to find tests, mocks, joints, pre NECTA and NECTA on the subject of geography. But also some exams come with marking schemes, so expect to get a question paper and an answer sheet.

About the Geography subject in Tanzania.

Geography is one of the subjects taught at the secondary level in Tanzania. This subject as it is in its branches is divided into three parts which are physical geography, practical geography and human and economic Geography.

Based on the geography syllabus for the ordinary level of 2005 entitled GEOGRAPHY SYLLABUS FOR SECONDARY EDUCATION FORM I - IV, the subject of geography has a total of 27 topics which are divided as 6 topics for Form one, 9 topics for Form two, 7 topics for Form three and 5 topics for form four.

The geography form one topics are:

  1. Concept of Geography
  2. The solar system
  3. Major features of the Earth surface
  4. Weather
  5. Climate and
  6. Map work.

The Geography topics for Form two are:

  1. Human activities
  2. Agriculture
  3. Water management for economic development
  4. Sustainable use of forest resources
  5. Sustainable Mining
  6. Tourism
  7. Manufacturing Industries
  8. Sustainable use of power and energy resources and
  9. Transport.

Form three topics in geography are:

  1. Structure of the Earth
  2. Forces that affect the Earth
  3. Soil
  4. Elementary Survey and Map
  5. Map reading and Map interpretation
  6. Photograph reading and interpretation and
  7. Application of simple statistics

Geography Form four topics are:

  1. Introduction to research
  2. Climate and natural regions
  3. Human population
  4. Settlements and
  5. Environmental issues and management.

Geography Past Papers Pdf Download

In the following list below are Past Papers of geography for all levels. This list is organized from form one to form four.

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1. Geography Past Papers Form One.

The following is a complete list of Past Papers of form one in all levels of exams. Read the name of the test carefully before downloading.

GEOGRAPHY AnnualDownload
Geography Terminal 2023Download.
Geography paper Feb 2023Download
Geography Terminal Exam 2023Download
Geography Terminal Examination 2023Download
Geography Test 2023Download
Geography examDownload









Thanks for downloading geography Past Papers Form One.

2. Geography Past Papers Form Two.

NECTA past papers Form Two with answers, FORM TWO MOCK Past Papers, Form Two Mock Past Papers Tanzania, FORM TWO MOCK Past Papers with Marking Scheme.

Geography Mock Lindi 2023

Geography Mock Lindi 2023 Marking Scheme

Geography Gairo District 2023 Download.
Geography Busega 2023Download
Geography Mock Kibaha 2023Download
GEOGRAPHY Mock ManyaraDownload
Geography Mock Rombo 2023Download
Geography Mock Simiyu 2023Download
Geography Pre KIPSSA 2023Download
 Geography Pre Mock 2022Download

Geography Mock 2021Download
Geography Joint 2021Download
Geography Inter Islamic 2021Download
Geography Fitness 2023Download
Geography 2021Download


Thanks for downloading geography Past Papers Form Two.

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3. Geography Past Papers Form Three.

Geography Terminal ExaminationDownload
Geography Photograph Questions and AnswersDownload
Geography Survey QuestionsDownload
Geography photograph questions 2Download
Geography Photograph QuestionsDownload.
Competence QUESTIONS FORM 3&4Download
Geography Mid TermDownload









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4. Geography Past Papers Form Four.

Select files to download.

GEOGRAPHY Tanganyika DC Mock 2023Download
GEOGRAPHY HEC Series1Download
Geogrphy IV PRE-MOCK 2023Download
Inter Islamic MockDownload.
Geography Pre Mock RufijiDownload
Geography mock Tabora 2023Download
Geography Pre NECTA Mlimba DistrictDownload.
Geography FIV Joint Gairo DistrictDownload
Geography Joint Newala DistrictDownload
Geography Pre mock BusegaDownload
Geography TAHOSSA Rombo District 2023Download
Geography F4 Mock ShinyangaDownload
Geography F4 NjombeDownload.
Geography F4 Dar es salaamDownload
Geography F4 Mwanza

Geography Bank of Questions Form four



How Do We Collect Geography Past Papers Pdf

Getting or collecting geography exams is not a very easy task, but since we have decided to bring you something better, we make every effort to ensure that we get geography past papers in any environment.

We have been looking for geography exams from various sources. among these sources are social media groups, especially WhatsApp and Telegram, academic offices at schools, teachers, students, education stakeholders and online sites.

If you have your past papers and need them to be on this list, please use our WhatsApp account to send your exams and we will add them to this list as soon as possible.


Above are some geography exams that we have managed to collect and make a list. If you are interested in our list of Geography Past Papers, please share it on social media groups so that this list reaches more users.

Also, if you have any questions or comments or suggestions about this page, let us know in the comment section below.


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