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Tanzania Teachers WhatsApp Group Links 2023

Are you a Tanzania teacher and looking for Teachers WhatsApp group Links? This page is well prepared for you. Join your colleagues in WhatsApp by using the available group Links below.

Tanzania Teachers WhatsApp Group Links

We have collected tens of Teachers WhatsApp group Links in Tanzania that you can find them in this article and join for free.

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About Tanzania Teachers WhatsApp Group Links

Tz teachers groups on WhatsApp are the WhatsApp groups for teachers to discuss and share various resources concerning their subjects. Teachers in Tanzania share text books, Past Papers, questions and other different materials.

In this article we collected all WhatsApp groups links used by many teachers in Tanzania so that you as a teacher you can join and benefit from your colleagues.

To join these groups scroll down to find a group of your interest then tap Join group to instantly join teachers. Make sure you join the correct group so that you can have common interests.

NOTE: Before you tap any link make sure you are real teacher.

Teachers Group rules and regulations

Teachers WhatsApp groups have many strictly rules and regulations. Some of them are:

  1. Don't share adult content
  2. Don't despise teachers
  3. Share relevant materials.
  4. Advertising is not allowed unless you get admin's permission.
  5. Avoid abusive language in any means.

So now let's dig into our WhatsApp groups collection for Teachers in Tanzania.


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Kiswahili TeachersJoin Group.
Literature TeachersJoin Group.
Bible KnowledgeJoin Group
English TeachersJoin Group.
Economics TeachersJoin Group.
Geography teachersJoin Group.
CivicsJoin Group.
Biology TeachersJoin Group
Physics TeachersJoin Group.
Mathematics Join Group.

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History teachersJoin Group.
General StudiesJoin Group.
HisabatiJoin Group
Home and economics Join Group.
ICSJoin Group.
Agriculture Teachers Join Group.
Accountancy Join Group.
Chemistry teachersJoin Group
Teachers resources TZJoin Group.
A level History series Join Group.

More about Teachers WhatsApp groups Tanzania

Tanzania Teachers Association is a worker's organization of educators in Tanzania central area. The union was established in 1993 with the intention of defending the rights of teachers in Tanzania.

It is a voice of educators in Tanzania where it looks for, not exclusively to illuminate educators to their right side, yet additionally bunch message to strategy and chiefs, organizers and the whole populace on the requirement for natural and institutional change towards instructors and illuminate on the need for mainstreaming the constituency situation in the public plan.

Join New Instructors WhatsApp Gathering Connections is exceptionally normal found over the web, greatest people like to enter different kinds of Gatherings talk solicitations, so my companions we are examine. On the off chance that you are searching for any whatsapp gathering, track down the new and dynamic Gatherings. High school teachers whatsapp group link tanzania.

For many years now, teachers have been using WhatsApp groups with the aim of sharing experiences at work and helping each other in various ways. Teachers use these groups to communicate practical information as well as information.

Also, WhatsApp groups of teachers are used to communicate materials used in the School such as Past Papers, lesson notes, soft copies of Books and various pictures.

So joining these groups of teachers is very beneficial in the work of teaching as it enables the teacher to be close to other teachers of different schools.

Recognizing the importance of these groups of teachers, we have decided to collect these links of WhatsApp groups of teachers so that it is easy for you, the teacher, to join other teachers from different parts of Tanzania.


If you have enjoyed our work and effort to bring you these Tanzania teacher WhatsApp group links, you can say anything in the comment section below.

Also, if you have a link to the teachers' group and you would like it to be one of them, you can put it in the comment section or send us a WhatsApp message.

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